2. Vampires Suck

In some ways, Vampires Suck may not belong on this list. It is a part of a genre that is hardly welcome at the Hollywood lunch table. If it is Forrest Gump looking for a seat on the bus, the people who actually watch this trash are Jenny Curran – “You can make your movie here if you wawnt.”

The problem here is that parody films didn’t always get pushed to the bottom of the barrel. Not Another Teen Movie and the first couple of Scary Movie films were actually hilarious. Unfortunately, some producers got dollar signs in their eyes and jumped into the profitable genre. Now, we are getting sloppy, recycled comedy. It’s hard to even call Vampires Suck comedy, because it lacks any form of originality. If anything, the movie is a concoction of well-financed recreations of the generic vampire movies without any forethought put into what makes them funny.

When you look a little closer at parody films, the most misguided sense of humor is the focus on pop culture. Instead of focusing on the humorous side of vampire movies, Vampires Suck basically puts actors in the attire of famous movie characters and prompts them to attack pop culture for the MTV crowd. At the end of the day, Vampires Suck is a product of the MTV culture that has forced music videos out of the station and replaced it with insanely awful reality television.

And what was the absolute worst film of 2010…?

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