3. Little Fockers

In my 1-star review of Little Fockers, I say that the all-star cast not only sucks the last bit of life out of the tired Meet the Parents franchise, but manages to besmirch their own careers in the process. It wouldn’t have been nearly as bad (though still Bottom 10-worthy) if the movie didn’t just throw the legendary actors’ careers under the bus to make a buck.

Some roles embarrass great actors, but are quickly forgotten. We can only hope Little Fockers is quickly forgotten for its general lack of humor and failure to promote any kind of laughs. Like the others on this list, Little Fockers is a mess. The interesting thing is that Little Fockers thinks it’s a real movie, but actually ends up a parody of itself and the actors within it.

Aside from a weak script, Little Fockers may be proof (along with Grown Ups) that all-star casts don’t equal classic comedy. There are almost 20 Academy Awards nominations between the cast and 16 MTV Movie Awards nominations for Ben Stiller. That’s quite a lot of nominations for a movie where every ounce of talent is siphoned into a paycheck.

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