6. Every Lame Rom-Com

Every year presents audiences with countless romantic comedies – some of them surprise us (Going the Distance), but most disappoint. Then again, disappointment suggests an expectation for greatness and few actually predict an enjoyable theatrical experience with films like Leap Year or When In Rome. Even The Last Song proved Nicholas Sparks’ work is not a guaranteed success – and hopefully Hollywood remembers this in the future.

The rom-com genre used to be something to get excited about… somehow we still watch 80s movies to remain hopeful of the future. The problem may come out of a misguided sense that every romantic comedy is an easy buck. Sure, certain crowds flock to the genre, but there is no reason to spend anywhere near $100 million on one like How Do You Know.

Another lesson we all hope Hollywood learned in 2010 is to stop obsessing over Katherine Heigl. Her two rom-coms of this year, Life As We Know It and Killers, combined for a $100 million domestic box office gross. Her three films prior averaged that much. Ultimately, it comes down to the filmmakers who help produce the annual rom-coms to make a difference in the products that are delivered and there is no sign of change on the horizon.

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