8. Jonah Hex

In our 2-star review of Jonah Hex, Paul Young stated the movie has “lots of ridiculous action, bad dialog, cool weapons, rock music and poor acting.” None of these descriptions are synonymous with a proper Western. While Jonah Hex is anything but a classic Western film, its connection to the genre was bastardized to capitalize on Hollywood’s comic book movie boom.

It wouldn’t have been that difficult to make an exciting adaptation of the Jonah Hex comic. The DC Comic character isn’t one of the more well-known, but it packs a punch of Old West drama and serious action. Even better is its supernatural twist. All of these great aspects are twisted around so far that it becomes lost in an attempt to show Megan Fox’s sexiness and Josh Brolin’s scowl.

Even the actors knew they were part of a flop. You can see it in their lackadaisical performances. The only worthy moments on screen were Michale Fassbender’s sarcastic quips as John Malkovich’s hired hand. Overall, Jonah Hex is overloaded with one-liners and short-handed jokes about facial scarring. If the minds behind the film tried a little harder, it might have been left off this list.

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