The 10 Worst Movies Of 2010

Published 4 years ago by , Updated June 27th, 2013 at 3:12 pm,

Empty Movie Theater Worst Movies of 2010 The 10 Worst Movies Of 2010

Did you regret spending money on an awful movie this year? Are you aching to share your thoughts on the head-shaking, face-slapping, run-for-the-door flops of 2010? This is your chance – but not until we give you our choices of the 10 worst movies of 2010.

The box office had its fair share of behemoths this year, but not all were well-received by fans and critics. Poor movies come in all different styles – some are filled with explosions and fancy CGI meant to distract you from the weak plot, while others beg for laughs with humorless jokes. Those two types of theatrical failures, and more, are accounted for in our list.

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10. Grown Ups

grown ups logo The 10 Worst Movies Of 2010

A handful of the best comedians of the 90s finally made their passion project. Adam Sandler, Rob Schneider, Chris Rock, Kevin James and David Spade are apparently a close-knit group of comics whose main goal over the past few years has been to join up for an ensemble comedy. Unfortunately, the result of that effort was Grown Ups – a sloppy mess designed for the wrong audience.

Grown Ups would have a chance if the comedians took a look at what made them famously hilarious in the first place – raunchy humor. Just about all of the big careers in this film were made by pushing the limits – even co-star Salma Hayek. Instead of producing a family-friendly camping adventure comedy in the same vein as Dr. Doolittle 2, a touch of the old school would have been the smart move for Grown Ups.

Adam Sandler has been a part of some comedy misfires in his time, but there is always that faint hope of a resurgence to his old form. The same goes for most of the cast of Grown Ups. The movie was just another nail in the coffin of careers nobody wants to see dwindle.

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  1. Proud to say I have not seen a single film on this list.

  2. I don’t like Adam Sandler films on the whole and saw Grownups in the theater because I love reunion movies. I left feeling underwhelmed. Yet, I bought the DVD to round out a Blockbuster 3 for $20 pre-viewed DVD deal and found myself not wincing as much as I did in the theater. Don’t know why. What I did appreciate was that its heart was in the right spot. It is still a 2 star movie in my book but it is a genial 2 stars. Its pure formula but watchable. Go figure why I would have two seperate reactions to the same movie.

    I do humbly submit that latest Jackie Chan family movie as an also-ran for worst movie of the year (Undercover Spy?). Now that I can associate director Brian Levant to other bad movies, I will stay away from his films like the plague. I collect Jackie Chan movies on DVD and this movie will NEVER be in that collection. Cartoon-depth characters doing stupid things to just advance the plot (like being a great spy and leaving two subdued bad guys to return to menace him). And please, will someone inject emotion in Billy Ray Cyrus’s eyes. He may say the lines correctly but he is dead from the bridge of his nose upwards.

    Sorry for ranting, but I really disliked that movie.

  3. its funny you said that about Resident Evil: Afterlife…I’m watching it right now on Blu-Ray. I loved it. And for the most part i have to agree, but considering box office, Little Fockers mustn’t be that bad. And I do know how to enjoy a movie. But I can also distinguish between like and dislike and good film and bad film…For instance, I enjoyed The Last Airbender – a lot! But I never watched the tv show. From a production standpoint, the movie is terrible. One of the worst movies ever, but I like it. I really got attached to Aang and I can’t wait to see if a sequel comes out…I still think Repo Men is the worst film of this year, but…oh well.

  4. uh, George of the Jungle was actually a mild success, and a pretty funny movie. The others however..

    • George of the Jungle actually made over $100 million at the U.S. box office.


    Here in the Dallas area SKYLINE was still at the Box Office (at the large multiplex locations) up thru last week and it was running between 2-4 times daily so apparently it was still doing enough bussiness long after its bad press and receoption, to stay at theatre for almost 2 months. Not bad for a film so highly raked over the coals but critics.

    As noted in the SKYLINE article at screenrant referenced in this one, the STrauss Brothers deserve credit for trying and do NOT desreve the “Just trying to cash in” line of bull. These guys as well as everyone involved worked for less then probably any other movie producing associated employee in teh past decade and so I doubt they did it for the money. They took a big risk that at least is paying off financially if not critically.

    A sequel? You can bet someone will push for a sequel if the borthers themselves don’t. I just prey its not headed by the SyFy channel because if it is all those who compared SKYLINE to a SyFy movie of the week feature will see just how far off they were when a truly SyFy helmed film is done. They’ll make you beg to watch THE LAST AIRBENDER over and over just to avoid having to watch anything the SyFy channel produces.

  6. Nice list, but it is clear that the folks at Screenrant don’t watch horror films (and Repo Men is merely a hybrid horror/action at most). Otherwise, they would have known enough to have added Platinum Dunes’ horrendous remake/butchering of Nightmare on Elm Street to the list. Not only was that the worst of this year, but perhaps, one of the worst of all time.

    • We talked about that, but thought these others were worse, lol.

  7. why wasn’t the other guys on this list????? That was one of the worst pieces of garbage i have ever screen.

  8. I don’t know which one of these movies was my worst of the year because I am proud (or actually even more so relieved) to say that I haven’t seen any of these movies this year.

  9. hey grown ups was a great movie

    • I know right! what the hell!

  10. I will give Repo Men props for 1 thing: I honestly did not see that “twist” coming. Granted, it was awfully cheap and infuriating (watching the credits roll and slowly coming to grips with the fact that the last 40 minutes didn’t happen elicits a very singular sensation), but I have to marvel at the balls of the filmmakers to waste my time like that.

    I am extremely proud to say that the above-mentioned film was the only one out of the list that I have seen. And I only watched it because I had lots of beer and nothing to do. And I downloaded it.

    • “I have to marvel at the balls of the filmmakers to waste my time like that.”

      Well done. :)

  11. Point of information about “the first couple of Scary Movies” — #3 and #4 were much better than #2 (especially #3).

    • I agree with this. Although I’m usually more into the quality stuff, like Godfather or Empire Strikes Back, Scary Movie 3 is one of the funniest movies I’ve ever seen in the theater and I don’t remember laughing that hard in my life.

  12. Gotta say I like Heigl and rom coms. Killers is an awesome movie, atleast to me. Happy to own the DVD. The drama she did later I did skip but the three movies she did before killers I liked.

    Yeah I know it gets my man card violently taken away but you like what you like.

  13. George Of The Jungle, and Dudley Do Right were quite funny, I liked them, but it’s all very subjective. Some very good films flop at the box office, but trashy films can make a fortune. Twilight Saga was rubish as far as I am concerned.
    Little Fockers, it got down to to the bottom of the heap, but it was done and finished as a franchise after the second one, it comes under the heading of, why did they ever make that film anyway?. Well, I loved The Phantom Menace, so what would I know?

  14. Do you like twightlight cause vampires suck was hilariously funny as hell you perky little…im sorry its just that you ruined the movie the made twighthearts open there eys now i have to stand the obnocios `fainting` of twightlight or f*gs on blood.

  15. How about Inception? By far my worst movie of 2010. Nolan is a fraud

    • you have got to be kidding me. inception was finally the only movie of 2010 to actually challenge people intellectually. it wasn’t another lame movie with a bubbly trailer that ends up disappointing. this movie, all in all, its one of the few original story lines to come by in a long time! i agree with this list of movies. they are all recycled ideas that have been manipulated to be “different” in its own sense. inception = five stars.

  16. While many of the movies you listed belong I thought Grown Ups and Little Fockers were actually kind of funny…great? no not at all, but funny enough.

  17. Grown-Ups was good, u need to change this, take Grown-Ups out and put Paranas in here. That movie should of never went to theaters.

  18. Notice how many of them are comedys proving that modern hollywood has forgoten how to do slap stick anymore

  19. There are several movies remalas only need to see the movies category.