10 Badass Characters Neutered by Their Sequels

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10 Badass Characters Neutered by Their Sequels

10 Badass Characters Neutered by Their Sequels

Sequels are definitely a mixed bag in terms of quality, but one of their advantages is an audience’s immediate connection and empathy towards a familiar and (hopefully) beloved character. No one really cares what’s inside the Temple of Doom or where the Holy Grail is hidden, they just want to go on another adventure with Indiana Jones.Our interest and investment in these characters and their worlds often percolates in the years (or sometimes decades) between installments, and the opportunity to revisit them is often greeted with unmatched fervor - which makes it enormously disappointing as you watch a film unfold and realize that while the character on the big screen may look and sound the way you remember, something is... missing.Characters originally depicted as being total badasses are often hit hardest in this regard. The problem is easily diagnosed: They’ve lost their edge, and the qualities that made them such badasses initially have been severely diluted. Metaphorically speaking, they’ve been neutered.

10. Mad Max - Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome

 Mad Max Beyond ThunderdomeYou have to give the filmmakers credit for taking this franchise into unexplored territory and not just rehashing The Road Warrior. There are a lot of things in Beyond Thunderdome that are really good, but it would have been more enjoyable if it hadn’t been part of the Mad Max series. The problem is that this isn’t the same Max from the other films. He’s not really even all that mad - he’s more like "Slightly Perturbed Max."Granted, a great deal of time has passed since we last saw Max, but no matter how much you rationalize or appreciate that change I still don’t think this version of the character is remotely as compelling. He’s just not as much fun to watch or root for.

9. The Terminator - Terminator 2 & 3

 Wimpy TerminatorMake no mistake, I’m not saying Terminator 2 wasn’t effective, but when you get right down to it, an unstoppable killing machine basically becomes the robot equivalent of Lassie. Instead of watching Timmy’s back, it’s John Connor he’s loyally protecting. Both sequels have the Terminator switching sides to help the good guys and promising he won’t kill anyone but while Terminator 3 was busy copying the entire structure of Terminator 2, it forgot one important factor: the age of John Connor. It makes a HUGE difference.There’s something endearing and sort of charming about a little boy teaching this machine morality and what it means to be human. While the Terminator was neutered as a character, it was done with good reason. In Terminator 3, Connor is a twenty-something and other than a few moments of nostalgia that are mostly played for laughs, there’s nothing to their relationship.I’d argue that the neutered, good-guy version of the Terminator is completely unnecessary in T3. Not only is the dynamic between him and John completely different and unrewarding, he actually prevents Connor from having to man up and start fighting to protect himself and the ones he cares about. I’ve always thought a better version of T3 would have involved the T-X reprogramming the T-850 much earlier in the film and having him remain an adversary all the way to the end.

8. Han Solo - Return of the Jedi

 Whipped Han SoloIt’s common knowledge that Harrison Ford wanted Han to die in Return of the Jedi. We're not here to argue whether or not that would have been a good decision creatively because that’s not what Ford cared about - he was just sick of Star Wars.Sadly, it shows in the finished film. Ford’s heart is just not in it and Han’s trademark swagger and charisma have all but vanished. The blame doesn’t fall squarely on him, though. Han doesn’t do a single noteworthy thing for all of Jedi’s running time - he’s just there because Lucas knows fans want him to be.They take our favorite scruffy nerf herder and turn him into a mopey sad sack who’s jealous of the attention Luke’s getting from Leia. Is this Star Wars or Dawson’s Creek? Where’s that sarcastic self-assurance? What happened to the witty one-liners? He’s not even a resourceful or valuable asset to the team - he spends the majority of the film getting rescued by other characters (and I’m not even counting Jabba’s palace).The real Han Solo never came out of that carbonite.

7. Freddy Krueger - A Nightmare on Elm Street 2-6

Freddy KruegerOriginally we were only going to include A Nightmare on Elm Street 4-6, but upon further examination it was clear that the elements that ultimately made Freddy more funny than scary were already present in the first sequel. The two things that did the most damage to Kruger’s character were the nightmare set-pieces that (while admittedly imaginative) became more silly than disturbing and his exponential use of terrible one-liners.In the sequels they stop treating Krueger like a serious threat and more like some undead rock star that the audience paid good money to see play his greatest hits while eviscerating teenagers. The first film is as much about what we don’t see as what we do but the sequels became strictly about the payoff - everything was bigger, bloodier and more elaborate - and nothing was left to the imagination.They’re guilty pleasure fun for sure, but Krueger stopped being the face of nightmares and became the face of video games, action figures, and comic books.  He went from character to caricature and by the time they got to the sixth film, the series had all the subtlety of a Saturday morning cartoon.

6. Ellen Ripley - Alien: Resurrection

Ellen RipleyYes, she’s a clone and technically not the same character from the first three films, but it's not incorrect to assume that she was brought back because everyone involved knew how much she meant to fans of the series. So there’s an important lesson to be learned here…You can call a character Ripley and you can even have the same actress reprise the role - it doesn’t make it so. Sure, she can still handle a flame thrower and dispose of xenomorphs with impressive precision but you know what made Ripley so badass in Alien, Aliens, and Alien 3? The overwhelming odds she was up against. If there was one word to describe Ripley in the first three Alien films it would be "driven." You know what word describes her in Alien: Resurrection? Bored.Ripley has nothing to fight for in this film. There’s nothing at stake for her. She grudgingly tags along with the other survivors and spends most of the film looking at everything going on around her with an arrogant indifference. When our main character isn’t scared or worried about what’s going on, why should the audience be?Ripley might still be tough on the surface, but they effectively neutered (spayed?) all the aspects of the character that made her so completely badass. We go from her laying the smack down on an alien to watching her snuggle up with one? Pass.

5. Martin Riggs - Lethal Weapon 4

Martin Riggs Lethal Weapon 4While Lethal Weapon 4 isn't the worst movie ever, we recognize that it only works by relying on the goodwill and nostalgia the audience has built up for its characters - not because it’s a particularly great film in its own right. Riggs is (or was) the title character of this franchise. In the first film he’s literally a lethal weapon - that’s how the movie got its name. Violent and unpredictable, Riggs was a bigger danger to himself than any of the bad guys he was taking on.In the original version of Lethal Weapon 2, screenwriter Shane Black had Riggs die from his wounds after getting revenge on the man responsible for the death of his wife. He felt that ending was so important that when the studio decided to change it, Black left the project. As far as he was concerned, Riggs’ journey was complete and he knew there was nowhere left to take the character without completely altering what made him who he is.Riggs &; Murtaugh are incredibly well-developed in those first two films and their oil & water personalities crackle against one another in a unique and entertaining way. In Lethal Weapon 4, Riggs has become so watered down that the two are basically interchangeable and everything that made this series so distinctive has all but evaporated.

4. The Predator - Alien Vs. Predator

Alien Vs PredatorThere’s nothing worse than an event movie that makes false promises. When you call a film Alien Vs. Predator you expect to see the iconic characters from each of their respective franchises - but that’s not entirely what fanboys got when this Paul W.S. Anderson travesty hit theaters.In this film the lean, mean, and quick-witted predators from Predator and Predator 2 have been replaced by lumbering and awkward creatures that look more like linebackers than hunters. Fine, so they’re young warriors in training who’ve gained their freshman fifteen and this is some sort of rite of passage - but that’s not really what fans signed up for is it?AVP depicts the predators as being completely ineffective against the aliens until they locate their plasma casters - because if the Predator movies taught us anything it’s that these guys are useless without their guns…Then there’s the climax of the film where the last surviving Predator teams up with our heroine (Sanaa Lathan) and they form an alliance so that they can - wait, what?! Since when do these guys show compassion? It’s not like Predator ended with the creature patting Dutch on the back and saying, “Mud? That’s ingenious dude! Good game. You win.”Whatever reason exists to justify this characterization of the Predator, there’s no denying that it’s a severely neutered version of the character. The poster boldy proclaimed: "Whoever Wins, We Lose." No kidding.

3. Wolverine - X-Men Origins: Wolverine

X-Men Origins: Wolverine is a completely wasted opportunity. Here was a story perfectly suited for the Wolverine that comic book fans would recognize: unhinged, unpredictable, and unleashed. Not that we were expecting a nonstop orgy of blood and guts flying at the screen, but the worst part of the movie is that this pre-X-Men version of Wolverine is actually softer than the way he’s portrayed in the first two X-Men films.Somewhere deeply buried in this film is the idea that Wolverine and Sabretooth are cut from the same cloth - but while Sabretooth has embraced his animal instincts, Wolverine has learned to control them. Only, the movie never once makes that look like a struggle. There’s not a single moment where it looks like Wolverine might lose control and compromise his values. Even worse, we have no idea what it would look like if he did or why we should be scared of that.While Wolverine is arguably the most popular character from the comics, he’s not a leading man - and the movies should never have gone to such great lengths to make him one. At least in the first two movies he had the mystique of an unknown past. In detailing that past so ineptly, what X-Men Origins: Wolverine really teaches us is that the X-Men’s biggest badass has a lot more bark than bite.

2. Darth Vader/Anakin Skywalker - the Star Wars prequels

Anakin SkywalkerOur thoughts on including Anakin were that this wasn’t a fair comparison because these films depict him before he became the badass we loved to hate to in the original trilogy. However, let us try and explain why his inclusion is so unique and completely justifiable.Unlike most of the other names on this list, Anakin’s characterization in these films is so downright awful that it actually has the power to affect future viewings of the original Star Wars trilogy. Some people can still watch episodes IV-VI the same way they did before 1999. But this writer is not one of them. It’s impossible for to look at Darth Vader now and not think that by demystifying one of the most badass characters in Star Wars mythology, they made him so much less interesting.George Lucas turned the Empire’s most badass enforcer into a giant baby in a suit of armor. The prequels don’t add another layer to the original trilogy or enhance the viewing experience in any way. Vader doesn’t become a richer nemesis - I still just see that sulky Jedi crying “Wah! It’s not fair!”It’s like the band geek from your high school who wound up being a successful lawyer or something. Yeah, he’s a hot shot now but you still remember when he ate his boogers and took his cousin to prom. So great, you can choke a guy without laying a hand on him and your voice is a lot more intimidating but guess what, Ani? Thanks to the prequels you’ll always be that boy I knew on Tatooine.

1. Batman/Bruce Wayne - Batman & Robin

Batman vs Batman & RobinJust look at that picture. Can you believe we went from one to the other in just four films? Batman started out as the last guy you’d ever want to meet in a dark alley and ended up some nut job covering his unmentionables in what looks like tin foil.There’s no discernible difference between Clooney’s portrayal of Bruce Wayne and Batman (an absolutely fundamental aspect of the character). When Keaton says "I'm Batman" I still get chills. Clooney introduces himself like he’s your neighbor from across the hall: “Hey, what’s up? I’m Batman from 6C… can I borrow your sugar?”Batman doesn’t need buckets of pathos to be effective, but oh baby did Schumacher take him to the other extreme. In Batman & Robin, he’s no longer a guy trying to work through the pain of his parents murder… he’s just some dude who loves throwing neon lights on all of his gadgets and making costume changes before the big third act battle.Quite frankly I don’t think you’ll find a more dramatic example on this list than George Clooney's Batman. It was a long eight years before Christopher Nolan started taking the character seriously again, but most fans would agree that films like Batman Begins and The Dark Knight were worth the wait. And hey, I don't think we have to worry about any close-ups of cod pieces in Nolan's Batman 3. Some things you can never unsee.

What do you think?

10 Badass Characters Neutered by Their SequelsSo there you have it, 10 badass character neutered by their sequels. It's a very sad thing - but seems to be almost inevitable when a movie franchise is milked for too many sequels.This is just our list... who would you put on yours?
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  1. The toned down character of John McLane in the Die Hard films always upset me (especially the last one)… but again that had more to do with the scripts being garbage and basically other movies that they just decided to make Die Hard flicks

    • I thought Clooney was horrible as both Batman and Bruce Wayne.

      Here’s how I would list them:

      Keaton: Good as Wayne, miscast as Batman
      Kilmer: Bad as Wayne, Good as Batman
      Clooney: Miscast all together
      Bale: Great as both.

      • People should have known as soon as Clooney’s name came up for Batman the movie would be crap………….

      • @ Matt

        That’s exactly what I feel about it… Keaton just didn’t fit well for me as Batman, but when he wasn’t wearing the cowl he seemed perfect as Wayne. I never did like Kilmer or Clooney, but to be honest it’s easy to forget that it’s Bale playing batman when he’s in the suit… to me he’s just… Batman. Which is perhaps why I think he’s the best fit for the role.

        • I guess because Im a product of the 80s I will always be loyal to Michael Keaton as Batman the way Bond fanatics are about Sean Connery as James Bond. In hindsight… Sure he dident have the physique but he had bruce wayne swagger and who could ever forget MK facing off against Jack Nicholsons Joker…still epic.

          BTW I love Christian Bale as Batman but I will always have a special place in my heart for MK.

    • Ok. BB came out in 2005 and it was Michael Gough as Alfred in the previous 4 films.

  2. Is it possible that what happens with Han Solo is what is know as a character arc?

    • Yea, I completely disagree with the Han Solo listing. I would certainly replace Han with John McClain in DH4, what a terrible movie that puts the nail in the coffin for what was a fun franchise. Back to Solo and a lot of these “observations” dictate that a character can never grow, they must always stay the same, like they all are Peter Pan caught up in a Neverland world that sometimes resembles Earth. Martin Riggs, after 40 years would we really want to see someone strung out from PTS being a cop? No, we would call the men in white coats. That lethal weapon had to grow up sometime and embrace the finer points in life, like maybe a family and some normalcy. Solo is another fine example, the Solo character changed permanently once Han came back to save Luke in A New Hope, that was the turning point for his character to begin to change, not just thinking for himself, and being part of something bigger than himself. I’ll give that perhaps the swagger wasn’t the same as A New Hope, but guys tend to do crazy things when they are in love (Leia.)

      • Here’s the thing… with Die Hard you’re talking about two different things: the movie being toned down vs. McClane being toned down. He may not have been able to drop F-bombs and we the violence may not have been as explicit but I left McClane off this list because he was still kicking butt and taking names in that movie. There are a numner of criticims one could launch against DH4 but I can’t bring myself to say that McClane went soft in that film.

        With Riggs… are you guys reading these entries all the way through before you post? I said that when a franchise runs as long as the Lethal Weapon series that it’s a given characters have to change and evolve. My point with Riggs was that he changed so much from his original incarnation that I’d have preferred it if they just left it alone. Do I want to see a forty year old Riggs doing the same old schtick? No, of course not. But I don’t want to see domesticated Riggs either. I mean come on, I admitted I like Lethal Weapon 4. I’m only saying that when compared to previous films Riggs is a lot less interesting.

        None of this suggests I want these characters to stay exactly the same. I talk quite a bit about successful character arcs vs. unsucessful ones. What I am suggesting is that a character can evolve without betraying what made them who they are.

        And calling what they did to Solo a character arc is IMHO ridiculous. Sure, he was in love with Leia- but Empire also had him growing as a character and moved that relationship forward while still staying true to who Solo was. Something about him just seemed off in Jedi. Some of the lines themselves and their delivery (like when he tells Leia he’ll stay out of the way when Luke returns) just don’t seem in character at all.

        You bought it, I didn’t. I’m not saying you’re wrong, just that I don’t agree.

        • Also, tone is hard to analyze over the internet and I wanted to say that my previous reply came off snarkier than I’d intended.

          I actually love the different opinions and conversations that follow.

        • The last thing wrong with Die Hard 4 was John McClane.

          The Lethal Weapon franchise got stupid once they had Joe Pesci and Chris Rock trying to outshout each other. How is Riggs supposed to look crazy or badass (like the first movie) next to those two buffoons?

          Han Solo and the whole trilogy could have been infinitely more amazing if Lucas didn’t sell out to the toy biz with his Ewoks. That was supposed to be the planet of Wookies! Seeing Solo and his pal Chewy tear apart storm troopers, instead of endless Ewok site gags, would have saved the character from pussyfication and the trilogy from ending on a low note.

          • The worst part of Die Hard 4 is that John McClain didnt make friends with a random Black Guy. That was my favorite part of all the old ones. Carl Winslow, Sam Jackson, that guy at the airport…I missed that, and all we got was “I’m a Mac”. I hate that guy

            • Also, Han Solo should have been able to continue being a dick and become a better person. Personalities don’t have to change that much.

        • That’s what happens when you let George Lucas HIMSELF write the dialogue – characters become cliched and/or are massacred. Even while many critics AND fans praised ‘Revenge of the Sith’ for the most part – especially compared to the first two films of the prequel trilogy – the dialogue recieved the strongest criticism of all. And guess what – Lucas was most involved with writing the dialogue of ‘Jedi’, as well – before he had editors, now he lost it.

          Also note there were other developments in the original trilogy that were changed from the original script. The original writer for ‘Empire’, Ms. Leigh Brackett, had an outline with two major differences to the script – Vader and Anakin would NOT be the same person; and a different girl, not Leia, would turn out to be Luke’s twin. Lucas threw those ideas out the window – while I’m unsure whether I’d change the ‘father’ one (Vader could have been made Luke’s dad’s uncle or something instead), I definitely feel that the Leia-is-your-sister thing was simply thrown in on a whim to avoid tension between Han and Luke – which could have made for some good drama.

          As for Han possibly being killed off? It would definitely have been a bold move – while Lucas wasn’t afraid of ‘gritty’, he was always generally unwilling to pull the plug on characters unless he had no choice (why do you think Mace Windu and the other Jedi were minor characters?). Han’s death, being a MAJOR character, would have created deep, genuine tension: would everyone else survive? Would Leia overcome her grief over the death? Would Lando have taken a more prominent role? (on a side note, Lando was set to die in ‘Jedi’, but the audience loved him and considered his past actions in ‘Empire’ already redeemed, making it unnecessary and Lucas changed the script so he’d live).

          Han was certainly lobotomised – to a degree – in ‘Jedi’ – they tried to keep his character intact, but made it all inconsistent between him being TOO soft and TOO rough (not a good mix). I still enjoy the movies – especially the originals – but alas, some things were simply NOT meant to be in this world.

          I also agree about Ripley – though as a side note, I prefer to think that Alien 3 be erased from my memory as well. When they killed off everyone BUT Ripley, you just know it’s become a Zombie Franchise – she was an awesome character, but there was no reason to keep going. Wish they’d kept it a dualogy …

    • Yeah, Han Solo being there is wrong. Plus, Jedi was about Luke and Vader…

  3. Adam West was the best Batman, but he was also the worst superhero ever. Gotta love him.

    • LOVE Adam West! Such a great show.

  4. I can mostly agree with all of these. But i’ll try to justify (in my mind) the ending to AvP. I actually read a lot of the AvP novels and while they may or may not be considered canon there was a really good trilogy about a Japanese company exec who was made a member of a Predator clan and traveled with them on hunts for several years. It was actually really good. It really delved into the Predator culture. They weren’t just mindless killing machines.

    • Stumbeled across that one as well. I tend to agree with Joseph, even though I did not exactly like AvP as such, I liked the idea of the Predator teaming up with an adversary who earned it’s respect.
      I can’t say too much about the expanded universe, however in all Predator franchise it can be seen that they do not attack unarmed people. In addition they show respect to worthy opponents and obviously have a very specific code of honor.
      This said we can see such behavior in the latest part of the franchise – Predators – where the Yak takes a stand a against one of the predators with a katana. A “killing machine” would just have blasted that guy away instead of accepting the challenge to a fight man vs. Predator.

      • In Predator 2, after Danny Glover kills the predator in it’s own ship where you see all the trophy skulls (including an “alien”skull), other predators appear to take the body and throw him a pistol from the 1700′s (if memory serves me correctly). It shows that they are good sports and not just mindless killers. Even in the original, the predator threw off all his gear and fought Arnold.

  5. Hilarious!

  6. i would add die hard 4 to your list there was something missing in 4 that the first 3 had it was not the same

    • the fact it was a PG-13 sequel stunted it, think about it.

      • yea, another brilliant idea unfortunately

  7. another great top 10 list! great work…

    PS. the caption on the predator…priceless…i lmao..

  8. Hands down favorite line….”Is this Star Wars or Dawson’s Creek?”

  9. this has to be one of the best top ten ever ! LOL

  10. Did anyone notice how Han Solo followed his gut out of the carbonite when Leia unfreezes him? It looks like the effects of carbonite also included, bloat weight gain, and a lower IQ.

    It is like Han had ten cases of Coors Light right before thawing out.

    Harrison Ford did not even get in shape for the role in ROTJ. It was like he purposefully went off his exercise regiment.

  11. The prequels didn’t ruin the original Star Wars movies for me. Darth Vader is still scary. Whiny Ani ruined the prequels though. Attack of the Clones was the worst example.

    Your take on Batman was spot on. I still love the Tim Burton original, his introduction is still exciting. I like that Clooney takes it all in stride though…the fact that he helped kill a franchise.

  12. I must strongly disagree with the inclusion of the Terminator on this list. Switching it around so The Terminator is a hero was one of the most creative, groundbreaking decisions for a sequel ever.
    Also, just a thought about the whole prequels ruining Star Wars thing. I’m not a big Star Wars fan, but I don’t think fans need to let the prequels’ storylines ruin the whole franchise. IMO, a sequel/prequel only has to be part of the of storyline if you accept it to be. The prequels are came much after so instead of thinking they bastardized the mythology, just think of them as bad movies that didn’t accomplish telling the story the way they were supposed to. I don’t know if that makes sense to anyone but me haha. Just a thought.

    • one of the bigger parts of the sequels i was mad about, was the fact there was no Solo background..

  13. Hey I really love this article! DAMN I should have thought of this.. Damn!! But I couldn’t have said it better myself. Especially kudos to you for mentioning the Wolverine situation. That encapsulates what I was thinking and how I felt. I’m primarily a Spider-Man fan, but I’m a big Wolverine fan also. I don’t know what happened and how much the Wolverine franchise got butt F@#$% but I was incensed in the way they have handled him.

    You’re right!- he’s not a supporting character. He’s a big character, but he’s not the main character. He may not be the kind of person you want to be in a room with, but he works at his best around other characters, when you see him in comparison with other heroes.

    Wolverine Origins I had crossed my fingers. But damn they did it again. I HATE FOX. I can’t wait till the franchise goes to Marvel Studios. I hope it happens soon too. And even if it goes to Marvel Studios. Would they screw him as bad as FOX.. I DONT THINK SO!

  14. anakin doens’t deserve to be in that list…
    despite what many people think the prequel trilogy works, and even if Christensen is not excellent he’s not the “disaster” everyone tells..

    wtf about you guys, always destroyng every little thing Lucas do…

    @ brodie:
    Clooney the best Bruce wayne!?!?!?!?!?!????????

    and it’s Michael Gough, not “harold gouth”. But Michael Caine’s better..
    Best Joker is Ledger without any doubt..

    • wow someone woke up on the wrong side of the universe. while the prequels worked for you, they didnt work for everyone, its a fact, sad to say. a lot of peoples hopes were crushed.

    • Anakin really does need to be on that list. you may have liked it but for the most part, most people( and more specifically the writer of this.) believe he defiantly deserves to be on this list.
      I think the prequels should of had nothing to do with the main characters of the OG’s (except O’l ben kanobe and maybe a glimps at a aniken.) i woulda liked to see the whole jedi working as a whole.
      and Mark Hamill does the joker better than anyone. but in a live action sense, i wouldn’t give it to leger (pretty boss joker though)

  15. Can you actually add Anakin to this list? First film he is a little kid.. you cant realy jump on him. Second film he is a teenager and proving to have some unstable issues as he kills all those Tuskins out of rage. Third film he starts out a tad slow.. but with everyone he kills he shows almost no emotion(thats border line hannibal lector haha), and he kills a ton of people in that one haha. If anything the last three films depict a wimpy version of the character.

    Predators, I remember the first one, got ya a bit scarred for a few when people are just dropping and you havent even seen the thing yet. Then came avp.. as you said sorta, it was like a predator dad sent his little kids to do his work, now avp2 the dad came back, but he still seemed like a wimpy ass dad. If you want the real predator exp go get that old ps2 game Preadtor: Concrete Jungle

    Wolverine.. good actor for the part.. horrible script

    Also, should have added Riddick to this list. First film he a scary mother, taking on aliens with his hands, killing off his fellow people and showing no good side.. well till the very end. It left you with a sense that he was a bad dude though. Then came Chroncs of Riddick, made Riddick out to be a teddy bear compared to the first movie. Hopefully the third movie goes back to the mean guy haha

      • Ya i know all about that, but the third installment should be back to pitch black.. well they say it should be.

    • “Can you actually add Anakin to this list? First film he is a little kid.. you cant realy jump on him. Second film he is a teenager and proving to have some unstable issues as he kills all those Tuskins out of rage. Third film he starts out a tad slow.. but with everyone he kills he shows almost no emotion(thats border line hannibal lector haha), and he kills a ton of people in that one haha”

      Thus earning the nickname, “Anakin the Mannequin”, or mAnakin, for short.

        • ummm maybe you should rewatch episode 3… it shows him in a hologram kicking jedi’s asses, also he lead the assualt on the jedi temple.. pretty sure he didnt walk through all the jedi chillin there to walk up and kill the kids and leave. Also pretty sure he killed all the leaders of the seperatist. It shows how mean, psychotic, sick, and twisted he is.. which is why its odd he should be on this list.

  16. Great list I agree with all of it.
    Oh and Die Hard 4 Kicked Ace!

    • lol…it sure did not

  17. I never noticed that bernie. Guess I never cared who’s black or white…

    The script was the worst part IMO,,,

    • Come on 790, I was trying to forget about the scrot. THANKS FOR REMINDING ME


      • *script

  18. This this is exceptional!

    I’m really glad you included Ripley. As much as I thought the third story was s*** she was still badass until “Resurrection.”

    I’m off to watch “Batman” and “Batman Returns” right now. I had to stop Clooney’s “Batman” clip at 29 seconds. I couldn’t take it any more! I love your line about him sounding like Batman from 6C borrowing some sugar.

    This list really had me laughing! Good work Christopher!

  19. Yeah. I agree with the list. specially with anakin. I can still see Vader as a badass vilain but i frequently justify to my friends with “There is two different guys. ” Is dumb but i just don’t see that ani as Vader. I just ignore him, like Eric Bana’s Hulk. No one cares. So doing that, i still can save the original trilogy. But if you put all together you are right. Anakin seems to be just a winy punk. It is like if they get that teenager rebel from series (like Dylan on Beverly Hills 90210 or Pacey on dawsons creek) and make then kill a lot of younglings and padawans just because “no one cares for what i want i.i” Come on, do you wanna marry and everything… The things get screwd up the next thing you do is go in a rampage kill on the younglings. Come on you just became bad, you not hitler level yet. Yes he can be evil, but see how is bad placed the scene? Just didn’t make sense even in the line of the character since the first movie of the ‘new trilogy’ it is just a bad movie, simples as that.

    But i don’t know about Mad Max, yeah i kind of agree with you, but i still love Max on Thunderdome. He got a little soft…But still works for me.

    I would replace for “HANNIBAL RISING”. Come on Hannibal Lecter was the best vilain that we love to hate because he was just a sociopat. He was well educated. Charming manners. Erudit person. But he was screwd up. That whats is lovely about him. So in Hannibal Rising they put then with teenage issues, a suffering childhood… And make him kind of a ‘hero’… or “Avanger” and not the “erudit sociopat who likes to eat people” …And still they put all the samurai stuff… For what?!

  20. I love the discussions about Star wars. I’m one of those people that like all six of the movies and deep down I wish the old ones had been made with the technology today it would have upped the badass factor. No one ever seems to mention, though, that Luke Skywalker is easily just as whiny and annoying as his father was. The point was to see just how alike they really were. Episodes 1,2, and 3 were made to change the way people looked at Vader by showing what happened to him. He was a whinny teenager with issues and too much power.

  21. Mad Max should not be on here. He is the exact same character in 3 as he was in 2. In two he started as a cold bad ass but by the end he became compassionate so it comes as no suprise that by the end of 3 he is the same way. Plus, you can’t say he is not a bad ass at the beginning of three. The part where he passes Auntie’s audition just screams bad ass. Darth Vader though, is spot on.

    • max was neutered by a PG-13 sequel, he wasnt as cold hearted as he was in the original or the road warrior.

  22. What are you talking about??? Batman & Robin was a cinematic wonder. How it didn’t win an Oscar I’ll never know. I mean Arnold’s portrayal of Mr. Freeze; genius. “kick some ice” it still gives me goosebumps. Bravo!

    • I hope you sir have got off the drugs?

    • are…are you trying to be sarcastic. it was a descent movie ill give it that (barley) but that was something only people that are heavy on the juice would say.
      @Hi-C i do as well man, i do as well

  23. One VERY IMPORTANT addition for a possible Round 2 of this list needs to be Indian Jones. He went from badass treasure hunter and super-stud to Schumacher-esk self-mockery, fumbling through a rainbow-colored landscape, diving into a refrigerator to escape a nuclear blast…. only to survive in order to chase aliens with a punk kid that is his… son??…. What? Someone make it stop. Oh, that’s right, [old man] Lucas again. That explains it.

    • *INDIANA!! (it’s late)

  24. The author’s take on the predators not having compassion is off. In the original AVP comic, there was a doctor who was marked just like Lathaan’s character. The following is an exerpt from the comic:

    In the ensuing fight, Broken Tusk is mortally wounded, but, admiring the courage of his human comrade, “bloods” Machiko with the mark of his clan. The story concludes with Machiko the sole inhabitant of Ryushi, the surviving settlers having been evacuated from the planet. She awaits, and is rewarded with, the return of the Predators and another hunt. One of Broken Tusk’s former Predator rivals greets her and, recognizing Broken Tusk’s clan symbol, accepts Machiko into the hunt.

  25. How about Robocop?

  26. FYI, this is an older post that I stumbled across the other day that I thought I’d re-publish for new readers who may not have seen it. We do this from time to time with fun posts that aren’t date-sensitive.


  27. I have to agree with this list. Ripley was a travesty in Aliens4 (not that Aliens 3 was any good). I would have to include Neo from the Matrix movies. He went from cool dude, to lame superman knock-off, to confusing messiah.
    The worst one was the Terminator. I always thought they changed him because Arnold wanted to play the good guy, it never made sense for the story.