It’s a running theme on our list, but a person going missing is one of the most terrifying things that can happen – whether it is in a movie or real life. A great film example of this is Robert Zemeckis’s drama, Cast Away. Starring Tom Hanks as Chuck Noland, it tells the story of a FedEx employee whose world is turned upside down when he ends up stranded on a desert island following a plane crash.

The movie provides an interesting “what would you do?” scenario to the audience and the scenes of Noland adapting to his new life are truly fascinating. But when you boil it down, Cast Away is a horrifying film. Despite the best intentions of Wilson, Noland is very much alone during his stay on the island, which taps into one of our most basic emotional fears. With nobody knowing where he is, the resourceful Noland spends years enduring scorching temperatures, fierce rainstorms, and hunger (not to mention, a failed suicide attempt). You’ll want to rethink that island fantasy after seeing this film.

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