Ben Affleck’s Best Picture winner is set during the Iranian Hostage Crisis and right from the opening minutes the viewer knows that this is going to be one tense, scary ride. When six Americans escape and take refuge in the Canadian ambassador’s house, it’s up to Affleck’s Tony Mendez to get them out under the guise of a fake movie crew – before they are all killed.

In his meeting with John Chambers, Mendez calls Iran the “worst place you can think of,” and it’s easy to see why: between riots in the streets and the grim imagery of bodies hanging from construction cranes, there are plenty of reasons for the audience to believe that the Iranians are going to find the Americans.

Hanging over everyone’s head is the fear of being caught – which would lead to the death of all involved. Affleck’s focused direction helps create suspenseful sequences at the bazaar and airport, which could cause anyone to fear the worst is about to happen.

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