In this award-winning Coen brothers modern classic, Llewelyn Moss stumbles across a bag containing $2 million after a failed drug deal. Thinking that he and his wife are set thanks to this new fortune, Moss makes plans to get his family far away to avoid the rightful owners of the money. If only he knew who was after him.

Anton Chigurh, memorably brought to life in an Oscar-winning turn by Javier Bardem, is what gives this film a horrifying quality. Whenever the sociopathic killer is on screen, it’s always a tense moment. Only he can make small talk with a gas station owner uneasy. Just the sight of Chigurh on the hunt is enough to frighten even the most courageous law enforcement agent, but the villain’s many murders (and the way he executes them) make this masterful drama feel like a high-art slasher flick.

Being pursued by a ruthless assassin/sociopath is certainly possible – and even more terrifying. If you ever encounter Chigurh, best of luck in that coin toss.

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