James Cameron’s Oscar-winning epic gets a lot of flack for being a sappy, melodramatic, poorly written love story. While some of the criticisms lobbied at thin characterization may have some merits, it’s hard to deny the awe of Titanic’s final hour after the ship collides with an iceberg.

It’s during this climactic sequence where the directorial king of the world gets to flex his filmmaking muscles and prove to audiences that nobody does action quite like him. The last act of Titanic is truly horrifying as passengers frantically try to escape the sinking ship. Shots of water bursting into cabins and rooms leave an empty feeling as people fight or accept their fate. Images of corpses floating in the ice-cold ocean look like something out of a nightmare.

They say drowning is one of our greatest fears, and a single viewing of Titanic will make you never want to go on a cruise.

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