In this Oscar-nominated drama, James Franco stars as Aron Ralston, a lover of the outdoors who is always exploring the mountains in Utah. As he plans his latest weekend excursion, Ralston neglects to tell anyone where he is going. This crucial mistake comes back to haunt him when his arm gets trapped under a boulder and Ralston is left to his own devices as he struggles to survive over a period of… 127 Hours.

Anyone who has seen the film can attest to its scariness. Not only is the infamous arm-cutting sequence gruesome and unnerving, Ralston’s entire predicament is more than enough to fill anyone with fear. Danny Boyle’s shot selection, illustrating Ralston’s loneliness, is particularly unsettling and the character’s slow march towards his presumed death (punctuated by the emotional gut-punch of video messages to his family and friends) makes this one harrowing experience.

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