Typically, when movie fans think of “scary” films, the horror genre comes to mind. Whether Freddy Kruger is haunting your nightmares, your house is under attack by ghosts, or a loved one is possessed by a demon, the confines of the genre provide a plethora of frights for viewers looking for a good scare. However, they aren’t the only types of films that are terrifying.

Films of any kind can be just as tense as a classic horror movie if the scenarios are scary enough. Case in point: this month’s Gravity. The new movie is officially considered to be part of the drama and sci-fi genres. Yet, with George Clooney and Sandra Bullock floating aimlessly in space with nobody there to save them, the dilemma they find themselves in is worse than being hunted by Jason Voorhees. At least you can fight back against a hockey mask-wearing murderer.

Of course, Gravity is not alone in being a non-horror horror movie. To coincide with its release, here are ten terrifying real-life scenarios in films.

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