The 10 Most Wanted Movie Sequels of All Time

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Zombieland posterSome movies generate sequels that just don't know when to give up, generating sequel after horrible sequel until every last drop of blood has been squeezed from both the franchise AND the audience. Films in the Friday the 13th, Pirates of the Caribbean, and Saw franchises continue to add sub-par movies sacrificing quality along the way.Meanwhile, other movies that audiences thoroughly enjoyed just stop at one, leaving movie fans clamoring for more - and we think that's sad. There are so many good potential movie franchises out there that deserve to have their stories continue that it's hard to narrow down the list to only ten but that's just what we've done.Take a look at what should have been in our list of 10 Most Wanted Movie Sequels.


Spaceballs posterMel Brooks will always be the master of movie spoofs and Spaceballs will always be his greatest accomplishment. Unlike modern "spoofers" Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer - who've given the world the crap fest known as Epic Movie, Vampires Suck and Meet the Spartans - Brooks knew what it took to make a proper spoof movie - jokes... lots of funny jokes.Spaceballs introduced us to timeless, quotable characters like Dark Helmet ("I can't breathe in this thing!"), Lone Starr ("Helmet! So, at last we meet for the first time for the last time."), his trusty sidekick Barf ("I'm a mog: I'm half man, half dog. I'm my own best friend."), and of course, the wise Yogurt ("May the Schwartz be with you.").With a third Star Wars trilogy on the way, fans of spoof films needs Brooks, or someone like him, to step up to the plate and give the world at least two more Spaceballs films.


Daredevil posterFor decades, the Daredevil character had only seen live-action once in a made-for-TV Incredible Hulk movie - not to mention a television show in 1975 co-starring David Bowie's wife, Angela, as the Black Widow that never made it to air.However, in 2003 a pretty faithful adaption of the character appeared on the big screen and while Bullseye wore one of the worst super villain costumes we'd ever seen, the rest of the film was competent enough to set up the franchise nicely - unfortunately, general movie-going audiences didn't agree.Both Joe Carnahan's and David Slade's reboot visions of a Daredevil film ultimately fell on deaf ears but with the rights to the character recently reverting back Marvel, fans could see much more of "The Man Without Fear" in the near future.

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy posterMillions of sci-fi fans were anticipating the 2005 theatrical release of Douglas Adams’ science fiction radio show The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. However, the movie's off-beat humor, quirky actors and whimsical sets didn't resonate well with general audiences and the movie left theaters with a financial whimper.The series really deserves a second shot at glory though, as it's still highly popular among sci-fi fans everywhere. From its humble beginnings in 1978, the franchise has spawned a TV series, six novels, three comic books, a computer game and even an official set of towels (yes, the thing you use after a shower).There's plenty of space adventure left for audiences to experience with Arthur Dent, Trillian, Zaphod Beeblebrox and Marvin the depressed, Paranoid Android.


Constantine posterKeanu Reeves has endured a hard time shaking his surfer dude persona thanks to his choice of movie roles from the early 90s but he deserves more credit than he received for his portrayal as supernatural detective John Constantine.Constantine is based on the DC/Vertigo comic series Hellblazer - which has been in circulation since 1988. With over 300 comic books in publication there are plenty of stories and supernatural bad guys for Constantine to do battle with and vanquish back to Hell.Even with Shia LaBeouf as his taxi driver, Constantine was a great action/horror/comic film and deserves to have its expansive world explored in at least a couple more movies.

Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events

Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate EventsModern American author Daniel Handler (a.k.a. Lemony Snicket) wrote a series of thirteen novels between 1999 and 2006 covering the lives of the suddenly orphaned Baudelaire children - Violet, Klaus, and Sunny.For a series of books aimed at children, Snicket's stories are darker than most with scenes of the children's parents dying in a fire and their crazy cousin Count Olaf killing off several characters - while hunting the kids down in an attempt to acquire their parent's estate. While this might not be the most obvious choice, the series could have been fun counter-programming in a genre that rarely gets a chance to explore darker themes.The movie adaptation of Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events only covers the first three books of the series, meaning there is plenty of material left to fill additional films from the remaining ten books.

The Goonies

The Goonies posterThe only movie having a harder time getting a sequel made than Ghostbusters is the 1985 kid-adventure film The Goonies. It's a shame really, because the story of a group of friends from the Goon Docks in Astoria, OR searching for lost pirate treasure and outrunning dangerous criminals, all in an attempt to help their families, is a tale worth telling more than once.The Goonies introduced the world to several memorable scenes and characters - Data's "Slick Shoes," Chunk with his Truffle Shuffle, Mikey's first kiss with Stef, Mouth shoving an entire strand of pearls in his, well, mouth, and of course, the friendly, misunderstood Sloth with his favorite candy bar, Baby Ruth.Rumors of a sequel have been circulating for 20 years but no one seems sincerely interested in continuing the story of the intrepid youngsters. For now, we'll have to settle for Josh Brolin in Old Boy, Sean Astin in The Lord of the Rings and an old Nintendo video game about rescuing a mermaid.


Gremlins posterGremlins is another classic film from the eighties that deserves to have its cinematic universe explored in more than one film. Instead of a trilogy though, all fans of the mischievous little green monsters received was a sequel six years later and a video game based on that sequel - pretty unfulfilling.We would love to see Gizmo battle Stripes on the big screen again, as long as it isn't ruined with bad CGI. A continuation of the Gremlins story would need to stick with mostly practical special effects – an art form that is slowly fading away in modern Hollywood.Gremlins still remains one of the best dark-comedies to watch during Christmas and who wouldn't want to find a cute, furry Mogwai under their tree on Christmas morning? Finding one of the gremlin eggs on Easter however, is something we could live without.


Zombieland posterZombies are currently all the rage in Hollywood. Successful shows like The Walking Dead and blockbuster films like World War Z are doing very well on both the big and small screens. Not all zombie-themed films work though, (take a look at the last couple films in the Night of the Living Dead series) and Zombieland could have been a disaster - but it wasn't.The Twinkie loving Tallahassee, rule following Columbus, and sisters Wichita and Little Rock were equal parts funny and badass - forming one of the best ensembles ever to be chased by flesh-craving zombies.These characters have so much more story to tell as they try to do more than just survive in a zombie-filled world. It's slightly insulting that instead of a sequel, fans of the film and genre were only given a failed TV show on Amazon, which was mercifully canceled after the pilot aired.


Jumanji posterAuthor Chris Van Allsburg has written many books, three of which have been adapted for the big screen - Jumanji, Polar Express and Zathura. Polar Express and Zathura were both enjoyable films but neither could match the magic or excitement of the Joe Johnston-directed adventure film Jumanji.The story revolves around an enchanted board game that quite literally puts its players into the middle of the action. They have to dodge enormous bees, evade carnivorous plants, avoid packs of wild monkeys and keep from being shot by a hunter on safari.The first film ends with two young French girls on the verge of discovering the board game and all its surprises while on the beach, leaving it open for at least one more film. For now, Jumanji fans can look forward to a possible reboot around 2015 - 20 years too late if you ask us.

Remo Williams: The Adventure Begins

Remo Williams - The Adventure Begins posterOnce again we go back to the Golden Age of action films for our last pick - the eighties. Films like Predator, Rambo, and Missing in Action thrived during the eighties – each enjoying multiple sequels. One action film however was unjustly left out of the sequel lineup - Remo Williams: The Adventure Begins.Sam Makin (a.k.a. Remo Williams) is a former New York City cop that would make Charles Bronson green with envy and an ex-Marine that is everything Chuck Norris wished he could be. Smart, badass, and a man's man, Williams is recruited by a top secret government agency called CURE and then trained to be a highly skilled assassin.The film was actually based off a series of pulp novels called The Destroyer which spanned three decades, so there is plenty of material for additional films. Remo Williams was THE original Expendable and Hollywood needs to bring him back soon - because the world isn't going to save itself.

10 Movie Franchises That Ended Too Soon

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy posterThere are plenty of other potential film franchises floating around that we think ended well before their time - Big Trouble in Little China, Galaxy Quest, The Golden Compass and Eragon just to name a few.So while Hollywood studios continue to give audiences movies like Grown Ups 2, Grumpy Cat, and more Spy Kids films, our favorite movies just sit stagnant in the Sea of Forgotten films.Of course, this isn't an all-inclusive list. Which movie franchises would you want to start a grassroots, write-in campaign to help bring back to life - Sister Act or Weekend at Bernie’s?___Follow me on Twitter - @MoviePaul and help me let the big studios know that we need more Bad News Bears films.
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  1. My girlfriend loves hitchhikers guide i however
    Hate it

  2. I really hope that Marvel does something with Daredevil now that they have the rights back. Armie Hammer would be a great Matthew Murdock.

    • Aint happening anytime soon, it doesnt fit marvels approach as of now

      • Well they could go the “Marvel Knights” route. Write the characters in the same MCU but use Daredevil, someone who isn’t first string an Avenger. You could switch gears in the same universe and show more human than superhuman characters.

        • Thats seriously a great idea. If they pulled that off with daredevil, ghost rider, the punisher etc. It would be awesome. But (after seeing Iron Man 3) I think for right now Marvel is all about comedy and mindlessness. The marvel knight characters just wouldn’t fit the mold.

          • Punisher: Warzone was awesome.

      • Netflix series!

  3. Constantine, Zombieland and Jumanji for me. I liked constantine, would love to see some more heaven v hell action. Zombieland 2 with the same cast. Jumanji updated with todays visual technology would be great.

    Has it really almost been 20 years since Jumanji?! WTF have I done with my life?

  4. I totally agree about daredevil, Constantine, and, zombieland but I have always wondered why Pixar only made one Incredibles movie

    • Its cause brad bird is the real deal after MI: Ghost Protocal and is making a name for himself in live action. He has stated he has been working on script ever since the last one, but it isnt as great as he wants it to be yet

    • incredibles is the most awaited sequel for me the movie was amazing best super hero family movie and the mystery about jack jack is still on the line come on try to boost incredibles

  5. Okay, for the record, no one ever wanted sequels to Jumanji and Gremlins. Also, people hated Daredevil, and although it was decent, nobody wanted a sequel. For the record, you totally screwed up your A Series of Unfortunate Events post. Count Olaf is their Uncle, not their cousin. And there aren’t any scenes of a fire, or anyone dying in a fire, just the aftermath and related moments. Nobody knows who Remo is, so you shouldn’t have used him. They are still actively developing a Zombieland sequel, the script has been finished for some time now. Sahara, and National Treasure would have been better examples for franchises that ended too soon. Also The Last Starfighter, The Sorcerer’s Apprentice, John Carter, and Battleship.

    Check your facts better next time.

    • Wow I guess cuz his movie bombed so spectacularly the Lone Ranger is taking all his anger out on Paul.

      • @Lone Ranger – Feel free to recheck your facts here: and here:'s_A_Series_of_Unfortunate_Events regarding Lemony Snicket.

        John Carter and Battleship ended too soon? The movies have only been out a year. Have some patience.

        Paul Young

        • Okay Paul, but in the film’s defense, they never actually show the fire nor describe it in either the books or the film. There is a hospital fire in one of the novels, but everyone gets out alive except one person. I don’t think they will make another Battleship (although they should) because of the high budget. John Carter bombed, but that was Disney’s fault, the movie actually made a lot of dough, but since Rich Ross put on a terrible marketing campaign, everything didn’t work out and John Carter 2 will never be made. That’s why they moved Andrew Stanton back to do Finding Dory.

      • ZING!!!

      • Dude, the lone ranger has been out for 6 days, I wouldn’t call it a bomb yet, Idc what the projected numbers are. and I just picked the name at random because I just happened to have seen the movie.

    • “You have the tongue and courage of a coyote. You speak much but say nothing.”
      — Tonto The Lost City Of Gold

    • Actually he is not their uncle. He is their “closest geographical relative” but not uncle. And with the rest I think they are talking about the books. The movie is a very modified adaption.

      Who the heck wants a sorcerer’s apprentice sequel? or Battleship?

      SAHARA? now your just being silly. Are you a fan of bad acting? I think that’s our problem here. That explains so much

      • *I* want a Sorcerer’s Apprentice sequel.

        Everything else not so much. That Battleship’s gotta stay sunk…forever.

        • thank you fellow Sorcerer’s fan!

        • I’d watch a Sorcerer’s Apprentice sequel too.

    • Actually, YOU are the one who should check your facts a little better. And improve your reading comprehension.

      Count Olaf WAS the children’s distant cousin, and the writer of this article was referencing the fire scene from the BOOK series. You know? That thing the movie was based on?

      And who is “no one”? I would have loved sequels to both Jumanji. So, right there, your claim that “no one” wants them is incorrect.

      Does it matter that YOU have never heard of Remo?

      And, no, Battleship and John Carter are NOT “franchises that ended too soon.”

  6. Marvin the depressed robot was hilarious. The movie overall was only OK, could have been a lot better…

    However, there are so many movies you forgot to list. What about Dredd? I know it’s still early, but let’s be honest, the hopes for a sequel is pretty slim… I know DVD/Blu Ray sales were good, and that got Terminator 2 made… 10 years later…

    Also, The A Team needs a sequel, but will not get one. That movie was awesome.

    John Carter needs a sequel. You could argue all day long about whether it was a good movie or not, but dag-nabbit, I want to see what happens next without reading the books since it was different from the movie anyway…

    Source Code seems ripe for a tv series actually. It could become this generation’s Quantum Leap…

    I hope Serenity/Firefly sees another movie, while the actors are not yet senior citizens, they are getting close, lol.

    There are others, but can’t think of more now…

    • Hey fun fact, Scott Bakula had a cameo in Source Code as a voiceover during one of the warping sequences. They did it because they knew the plot was vaguely similar to Quantum Leap.

      • The Source Code was a prequel to the Matrix, right?

  7. There is only one film that needs a sequel… the incredibles

    • BAM! We have a winner.

  8. Definitely time for Spaceballs 2: The Search for More Money.

    The rest, not so much.

  9. Great review and case for each, Paul. I had to smile at REMO.
    Especially that and a few others were true lost opportunities.

    Since all those listed made money a case could be made.
    John Carter came to mind too but since it did not
    make money it is hard to justify any sequels.

    • i grinned at remo also RP. i was in the video store (yes, they still exist. i hate redbox!) this past weekend and my 18 year old daughter wanted to watch breakfast club (i know, i don’t own it on dvd, and i grew up in the 80′s. shame on me!) and while walking to the B’s, i caught glimpse of the remo williams film, and thought to myself “why did they never make any more of those. such a great kick-ass movie!” funny coincidence.

      • Greta story, jeffro. I intend to pick it up after this review.
        I am overdue to see it again and I too remember it from
        the 80s and it had “The Adventure Begins” in the title
        and from that it sure looked like they planned more.

  10. Maybe in some miraculous way the Star Wars spinoffs will be Spaceballs films ;)

  11. These are HORRIBLE choices! None of these movies need to have sequels to them.

  12. Constantine 2 needs to be a must, I love the first movie, I always watch it. Zombieland 2 would be really amazing too. The other movies I think its been too much time in between for there to be a sequel to them. Lemony Snicket movie I would have loved to seen the books be continued, but I stand by that it has just had too much time inbetween.

  13. So great to see someone else who appreciated Remo Williams! That could most certainly be rebooted and have sequels added. Heck, when it first came out I really thought it made a good premise for a TV series..

  14. I thought that The Golden Compass deserved a sequel or two.

  15. Constantine for sure! Not sure about the others, maybe Hitch hikers guide to the galaxy. However I would like to add The Covenant, that movie had a lot of talent and an interesting story I feel deserves a sequel.

  16. The “Daredevil” movie franchise should have continued…I agree with that. Also “Green Lantern” and although they were more mini-series or seasonal series, “Missing” and “The Event” could have kept on going, and I would not have minded. I would like to say also “The Last Resort”, although there was not much more they could do with it.

  17. Give me big trouble in little China 2

    • Joeynuttz, we’ve got it already! look how they are always making cyber-attacks and threatening to use their military in space!!

    • You can replace Kurt Russel as Jack Burtan now. He’s probably to aged for that role now.

  18. Now here is my category for series I would like to see on TV (or in movies):

    Green Hornet (Use the 60s series as your source material guide. It was great! Ignore the mess that was with Seth Rogan! An insult to intelligence!)

    Dark Shadows (Use the 60s/70s series as a guide. It was also great! Ignore the travesty with Johnny Depp; it was disgusting!)

    Doc Savage (Oh, what great potential! If only it would be done as a period thing like from when the stories were originally written by Kenneth Robeson/Lester Dent!)

    T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents (More great potential! Man From Uncle style meets superhero thriller/action/adventure! Who wouldn’t like that? Use the old early Wally Woods comics as a source material guide!)

    Any thoughts, people? Who would you recommend as a series or movie?

  19. I’m sorry but these choices just don’t cut it for me. I thought Series of Unfortunate Events and Constantine were terrible. The rest you mentioned were mediocre at best. Spaceballs was funny but Mel Brooks’ best? Have you ever seen Young Frankenstein, and most especially Blazing Saddles? Some things don’t need to be sequeled or rebooted. That’s what Hollywood doesn’t understand. We need some legit Dracula remake-the 1931 version was the best but it had some very wooden performances and rushed everything except the first 10 minutes, which were great. I think we may be due for some Tropic Thunder reboot-the movie was hilariously funny, don’t get me wrong and I loved it. No one can replace Robert Downey Jr’s terrific performance. I would like to see some form of Hollywood spoofing itself maybe take the satirical route and bring in some serious actors-Denzel Washington, Matt Damon, Christian Bale, Natalie Portman, Amy Adams, Anne Hathaway, Joseph Gordon-Levitt would be good along with RDJ obviously and maybe even add a wild card with Adam Sandler. Have Scorsese direct it. Just thinking about it makes me think of the possibilities. National Treasure was good, except it needed a Spielberg and not a Turtletaub; a Damon and not a Cage; a more drafted script. Same thing with Pirates; 3-4 were just plain lackluster. I’d like to see reboots of those. Leave Batman alone. Christian Bale and Christopher Nolan did a fine job; hopefully they release a director’s cut that improves the pacing, which was one of the only problems I had with the trilogy other than the casting of Rachel Dawes, who Katie Holmes acted poorly as and Maggie Ghyllenhaal was just decent Natalie Portman would be good; the casting of Harvey Dent, I thought Aaron Eckhart was too wooden for the character and Matt Damon would be a fine replacement (key word: charisma); the mobsters were a little corny and I think I would’ve rather casted Ray Liotta and Joe Pesci there; and the fact that the characters of Dagget, Miranda Tate/Talia al Ghul, and Peter Foley didn’t need to be there. I want to also state that Disney needs to stop remaking its animated films into live action movies. It’s just not happening. I want to see Hollywood in general leave alone classic material as is. However, anything that needs some improvement is fair game as I see it. Tropic Thunder was very good, as aforementioned, but I see no reason it can’t be improved upon. I want to see Universal leave Bourne alone. Legacy should’ve never happened. What I really want is an Ocean’s Eleven remake where the director focuses on quality instead of quantity. The dialogue and cast in that film back in 2001 were great, the only thing that was missing was focused direction (sorry Soderbergh) and a compelling script. Anyways, I would have a cast that includes Denzel Washington, Matt Damon, Christian Bale, Robert Downey Jr, Natalie Portman, Anne Hathaway, Amy Adams, Scarlett Johansson, Adam Sandler, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Robin Williams, Al Pacino, Robert De Niro have Scorsese direct it. Yes, I name dropped most of the aforementioned before. I just want to see them work together. The possibilities.

  20. I know this one is stupid but what about Napoleon Dynamite 2? C’mon people.

    • yes & no. yes, cause, well, GOSH! no cause it will just seem forced, imo.

    • Now there was a dorky movie I hated. Unfortunately, I actually bear a strong resemblance at first glance to Napoleon Dynamite facially! Aarrgghh!!

  21. I agree with “Daredevil” and “Zombieland”

    everything else i was fine with one and done (if even that). Better ones would be “Blade Runner”, “Big Lebowski” “District 9″ and of course “The Incredibles”

  22. People might HATE the Daredevil movie, but at least I’m sure Ben Affleck will be thankful he played in that movie, cause it’s there that he found his current family :)

    • Am I the ONLY person on the planet to remember that they met on Pearl Harbor?

  23. I thought I was alone when I first watched Constantine and thought it was a pretty solid movie overall. The story was great and Reeves didn’t make me want to choke him.

    The Series of Unfortunate Events got the treatment that the Percy Jackson series should have got. Lemony Snicket wrote an amazing volume of novels that im still impressed with.The series is amazing but the first was so campy that if you go forward and get darker it makes it look weird or you have to start from scratch.

  24. We complain the movie is never like the book so why see a movie if you’ve read the book??Remo pulp fiction at it’s best great pass along books,took too long in character set up in movie.Constantine was wasted needs a second chance.Although both these characters would probably do well on T.V just like Supernatural.A big budget Supernatural could be interesting.Also what ever happened to the ANGEL movie?????????????

  25. I hated Hitchhikers when I first saw it, but upon second viewing, I enjoyed it more. I don’t think it’s that bad. I even like Ford Prefect more…

    I did have to watch the older British series again to get MORE than I did from the movie.

  26. I find this article to be very hard to grasp…as we have seen with many fan favorite franchises (pirates of the Caribbean, scream, Alien,Friday the 13th….) these franchises tend to get ruined by requests like this thread that suggests directors take another crack at a movie years after it has settled into our hearts…sure, everyone longs for a new gremlins or zombieland, spaceballs ..etc. But as true movie lovers, we must understand what can and can’t be accomplished. A revamped spaceballs would either include older versions of characters that wouldn’t sit right, zombieland would have to recycle the same jokes and upset audiences by killing a main character….and the destruction of movies we hold dear to our hearts will not be reversible.

  27. I hope they don’t make a sequel to Goonies because I just KNOW they’ll ruin it. I think they should leave it as the classic it is. It would almost be like making a sequel to Stand By Me. Sacrilege!

  28. The sequel I would most like to see would be a continuation of Leon (or The Professional) called Matilda (or something) starring Natalie Portman as a grown up Matilda continuing as a badass assassin. Make it so Luc Besson!!

    As for Daredevil, I felt it was a decent enough movie. I saw the R rated directors cut once and felt that had they released that version instead it would have found a better audience reception.

  29. I did have to watch the older British series again to get MORE than I did from the movie.

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