The 10 Most Wanted Movie Sequels of All Time

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Zombieland poster Some movies generate sequels that just don't know when to give up, generating sequel after horrible sequel until every last drop of blood has been squeezed from both the franchise AND the audience. Films in the Friday the 13th, Pirates of the Caribbean, and Saw franchises continue to add sub-par movies sacrificing quality along the way. Meanwhile, other movies that audiences thoroughly enjoyed just stop at one, leaving movie fans clamoring for more - and we think that's sad. There are so many good potential movie franchises out there that deserve to have their stories continue that it's hard to narrow down the list to only ten but that's just what we've done. Take a look at what should have been in our list of 10 Most Wanted Movie Sequels.


Spaceballs poster Mel Brooks will always be the master of movie spoofs and Spaceballs will always be his greatest accomplishment. Unlike modern "spoofers" Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer - who've given the world the crap fest known as Epic Movie, Vampires Suck and Meet the Spartans - Brooks knew what it took to make a proper spoof movie - jokes... lots of funny jokes. Spaceballs introduced us to timeless, quotable characters like Dark Helmet ("I can't breathe in this thing!"), Lone Starr ("Helmet! So, at last we meet for the first time for the last time."), his trusty sidekick Barf ("I'm a mog: I'm half man, half dog. I'm my own best friend."), and of course, the wise Yogurt ("May the Schwartz be with you."). With a third Star Wars trilogy on the way, fans of spoof films needs Brooks, or someone like him, to step up to the plate and give the world at least two more Spaceballs films.


Daredevil poster For decades, the Daredevil character had only seen live-action once in a made-for-TV Incredible Hulk movie - not to mention a television show in 1975 co-starring David Bowie's wife, Angela, as the Black Widow that never made it to air. However, in 2003 a pretty faithful adaption of the character appeared on the big screen and while Bullseye wore one of the worst super villain costumes we'd ever seen, the rest of the film was competent enough to set up the franchise nicely - unfortunately, general movie-going audiences didn't agree. Both Joe Carnahan's and David Slade's reboot visions of a Daredevil film ultimately fell on deaf ears but with the rights to the character recently reverting back Marvel, fans could see much more of "The Man Without Fear" in the near future.

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy poster Millions of sci-fi fans were anticipating the 2005 theatrical release of Douglas Adams’ science fiction radio show The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. However, the movie's off-beat humor, quirky actors and whimsical sets didn't resonate well with general audiences and the movie left theaters with a financial whimper. The series really deserves a second shot at glory though, as it's still highly popular among sci-fi fans everywhere. From its humble beginnings in 1978, the franchise has spawned a TV series, six novels, three comic books, a computer game and even an official set of towels (yes, the thing you use after a shower). There's plenty of space adventure left for audiences to experience with Arthur Dent, Trillian, Zaphod Beeblebrox and Marvin the depressed, Paranoid Android.


Constantine poster Keanu Reeves has endured a hard time shaking his surfer dude persona thanks to his choice of movie roles from the early 90s but he deserves more credit than he received for his portrayal as supernatural detective John Constantine. Constantine is based on the DC/Vertigo comic series Hellblazer - which has been in circulation since 1988. With over 300 comic books in publication there are plenty of stories and supernatural bad guys for Constantine to do battle with and vanquish back to Hell. Even with Shia LaBeouf as his taxi driver, Constantine was a great action/horror/comic film and deserves to have its expansive world explored in at least a couple more movies.

Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events

Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events Modern American author Daniel Handler (a.k.a. Lemony Snicket) wrote a series of thirteen novels between 1999 and 2006 covering the lives of the suddenly orphaned Baudelaire children - Violet, Klaus, and Sunny. For a series of books aimed at children, Snicket's stories are darker than most with scenes of the children's parents dying in a fire and their crazy cousin Count Olaf killing off several characters - while hunting the kids down in an attempt to acquire their parent's estate. While this might not be the most obvious choice, the series could have been fun counter-programming in a genre that rarely gets a chance to explore darker themes. The movie adaptation of Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events only covers the first three books of the series, meaning there is plenty of material left to fill additional films from the remaining ten books.

The Goonies

The Goonies poster The only movie having a harder time getting a sequel made than Ghostbusters is the 1985 kid-adventure film The Goonies. It's a shame really, because the story of a group of friends from the Goon Docks in Astoria, OR searching for lost pirate treasure and outrunning dangerous criminals, all in an attempt to help their families, is a tale worth telling more than once. The Goonies introduced the world to several memorable scenes and characters - Data's "Slick Shoes," Chunk with his Truffle Shuffle, Mikey's first kiss with Stef, Mouth shoving an entire strand of pearls in his, well, mouth, and of course, the friendly, misunderstood Sloth with his favorite candy bar, Baby Ruth. Rumors of a sequel have been circulating for 20 years but no one seems sincerely interested in continuing the story of the intrepid youngsters. For now, we'll have to settle for Josh Brolin in Old Boy, Sean Astin in The Lord of the Rings and an old Nintendo video game about rescuing a mermaid.


Gremlins poster Gremlins is another classic film from the eighties that deserves to have its cinematic universe explored in more than one film. Instead of a trilogy though, all fans of the mischievous little green monsters received was a sequel six years later and a video game based on that sequel - pretty unfulfilling. We would love to see Gizmo battle Stripes on the big screen again, as long as it isn't ruined with bad CGI. A continuation of the Gremlins story would need to stick with mostly practical special effects – an art form that is slowly fading away in modern Hollywood. Gremlins still remains one of the best dark-comedies to watch during Christmas and who wouldn't want to find a cute, furry Mogwai under their tree on Christmas morning? Finding one of the gremlin eggs on Easter however, is something we could live without.


Zombieland poster Zombies are currently all the rage in Hollywood. Successful shows like The Walking Dead and blockbuster films like World War Z are doing very well on both the big and small screens. Not all zombie-themed films work though, (take a look at the last couple films in the Night of the Living Dead series) and Zombieland could have been a disaster - but it wasn't. The Twinkie loving Tallahassee, rule following Columbus, and sisters Wichita and Little Rock were equal parts funny and badass - forming one of the best ensembles ever to be chased by flesh-craving zombies. These characters have so much more story to tell as they try to do more than just survive in a zombie-filled world. It's slightly insulting that instead of a sequel, fans of the film and genre were only given a failed TV show on Amazon, which was mercifully canceled after the pilot aired.


Jumanji poster Author Chris Van Allsburg has written many books, three of which have been adapted for the big screen - Jumanji, Polar Express and Zathura. Polar Express and Zathura were both enjoyable films but neither could match the magic or excitement of the Joe Johnston-directed adventure film Jumanji. The story revolves around an enchanted board game that quite literally puts its players into the middle of the action. They have to dodge enormous bees, evade carnivorous plants, avoid packs of wild monkeys and keep from being shot by a hunter on safari. The first film ends with two young French girls on the verge of discovering the board game and all its surprises while on the beach, leaving it open for at least one more film. For now, Jumanji fans can look forward to a possible reboot around 2015 - 20 years too late if you ask us.

Remo Williams: The Adventure Begins

Remo Williams - The Adventure Begins poster Once again we go back to the Golden Age of action films for our last pick - the eighties. Films like Predator, Rambo, and Missing in Action thrived during the eighties – each enjoying multiple sequels. One action film however was unjustly left out of the sequel lineup - Remo Williams: The Adventure Begins. Sam Makin (a.k.a. Remo Williams) is a former New York City cop that would make Charles Bronson green with envy and an ex-Marine that is everything Chuck Norris wished he could be. Smart, badass, and a man's man, Williams is recruited by a top secret government agency called CURE and then trained to be a highly skilled assassin. The film was actually based off a series of pulp novels called The Destroyer which spanned three decades, so there is plenty of material for additional films. Remo Williams was THE original Expendable and Hollywood needs to bring him back soon - because the world isn't going to save itself.

10 Movie Franchises That Ended Too Soon

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy poster There are plenty of other potential film franchises floating around that we think ended well before their time - Big Trouble in Little China, Galaxy Quest, The Golden Compass and Eragon just to name a few. So while Hollywood studios continue to give audiences movies like Grown Ups 2, Grumpy Cat, and more Spy Kids films, our favorite movies just sit stagnant in the Sea of Forgotten films. Of course, this isn't an all-inclusive list. Which movie franchises would you want to start a grassroots, write-in campaign to help bring back to life - Sister Act or Weekend at Bernie’s? ___ Follow me on Twitter - @MoviePaul and help me let the big studios know that we need more Bad News Bears films.
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  1. Spaceballs: Mel Brooks doesn’t do sequels to his credit. Spoofs are better done and moved on from.
    Golden Compass? That movie killed any chance of anyone wanting to open their wallet for a sequel.

    My 2 bob: keep the Night Watch, Day Watch series going

  2. Zombieland 2 would follow up nicely from the bunch. I’ve always wanted Italian Job 2. The Incredible’s 2, Ghostbusters 3 and Close Encounters follow up. Some unexplained weird happenings all over the world and a revisit at Devil’s Tower with a Richard Dreyfus return. CE3K2 please!!!

  3. SERENITY! How could you forget The Movie version of Firefly, which left it’s fanbase yearning for more, and created thousands of new Browncoats (Fans of Firefly and Serenity)? A serious oversight, IMHO.

    • What the fans really want is the series to continue. Sure a movie would be cool but I find it hard to see how they could make a sequel when half the crew did not survive. I think now if they were to make a new movie they would have to do something really clever story-wise to make it work.

      • A continuation of the storyline exists: A 6 issue comic series by Zack Whedon, Joss’ Brother, explores what happens after the Movie. There are a lot of stories that can be told. As for a Series? yeah, that would be great. But you take what’s feasible, right? :)

    • This is what I keep saying! Stop throwing money at Sharknado and make a real movie! Firefly had so many more stories to tell.

  4. This list has no sense since it’s hard to say when it’s wise to produce and create another movie.

    For example The Goonies should be only one to remain a mile stone as actually is and the same is true for Space Balls that it’s simple a comic film without nothing else to say.

    Actually i’m either eager and frightened from the sequel’s Dumb & Dumber where Carrey and Deniels should take in “auge” the story left long time ago. Those kind of sequels have a lot of risks.

    Besides Gremilins has already a sequel, so let’s try again dude.

  5. Only movie on this list would be Spaceballs but Mel Brooks don’t make sequels like Paul Mentioned before. Gremlins have their sequels and the rest don’t. Like Constantine was a really bad movie and it needs a crappy sequel?

    Only movie I don’t have a clue is Remo.

  6. Hellboy 3

  7. How about”The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension” or Howard the Duck? Oh wait I have another, “Condorman”

  8. Mathilda: The Professional 2

  9. Daredevil was possibly the worst movie I’ver ever seen. Hopefully Marvel will let it stay dead.

    • You have to be kidding. I didn’t think Daredevil was that great but there’s no way on earth it’s the worse movie anyone has ever seen, which would imply that you have seen virtually no other movies–and even then, it wouldn’t be that bad. And I am not discounting that everyone has their own opinion, but for someone to say that is nothing more than hyperbole with a huge helping of bs.

      By way of clarification, X-Men: The Last Stand wasn’t a very good movie and a pretty bad X-Men movie (as much as the self-importance of Bryan Singer and his X-Men movies irritate me) but the worse movie ever made? Not remotely close.

      • Nope. Human is right. Daredevil was exceedingly awful. Not to mention that it already kind-of had a sequel/spin-off in Elektra. Which was also utterly terrible. Fox and Sony should relinquish their hold on their Marvel properties and just let Marvel/Disney make the movies, since they obviously know what they’re doing.

      • Daredevil, Eyes Wide shut, and 200 Cigarettes are the only movies I have walked out of in my 35 years of life. Hyperbole or no, it was, truly, one of the most eye-gouging movies I have seen. I despise battlefield earth, but I made it through that garbage.

      • What Mr. Human said was, “Daredevil was possibly the worst movie I’ver ever seen..” not, “Daredevil is the worst movie ever made.” Sorry to screw up your rant, but maybe you should pay closer attention to what people say before you look like an idiot on the internet.

        • I said “…it was truly one of the most eye gouging movies I have ever *seen*,” I’m confused as to why I’m an idiot. *shrug*

        • Furthermore (my last comment seems to be missing, but it’ll show up), you are the only person in my experience on this site that is extremely rude. I’m new to this whole “make comments on sites for discussion” thing, and this is one of the few sites that has *mostly* posts talking about their opinions as opposed to slamming other commenters. I’m no “internet ranter”, I like to read interesting articles and comment on them. Yours is the worst comment I have ever *seen*. (If previous comment doesn’t show up, please read said word in original comment).

  10. I will have to go with Remo Williams 2. The original was not a milestone movie, but it was a good action/comedy movie. If they stick closer to the Destroyer book then it would be even better. I think Remo 2 should be about his graduation trials, in the beginning at least. Too bad they can not use the same actors.

  11. There’s like 4 gremlins movies brah

    • And by “like 4″ you mean 2, right?

  12. Give me a Serenity sequel any day. Come on Joss, you can pretty much do anything you want now and I’m sure the crew would love to do another one.

    • Yes! Thank you for posting, and please tell other Browncoats to post here too!

  13. You completely dropped the ball on this. “Serenity” is nowhere to be found on your list. I’m sure that someone disagrees with me that Remo Williams deserves a sequel but I can’t imagine who they are.

    “Serenity” has fans (Browncoats) that are still waiting for our franchise to make it’s return to the silver screen and I feel certain that we outnumber the fans of “Remo Williams”.

  14. Don’t care about most of these. There are a few I’d like to see sequels to (Daredevil). But my #1 is not on this list: Serenity!

  15. Serenity can’t possibly have a sequel to it because Serenity in itself is a sequel to a TV series! It is widely known that Serenity was done after Firefly ended as a way of tying up loose ends. Now, it is possible that IF the creators of Firefly wanted to resurrect the series THEN they could find a way to make a sequel to Serenity in order to launch a new TV series.

    • Serenity was a continuation of the Firefly TV show, yes. But it was also supposed to be more. The Actors all signed an extended contract to cover Sequels. The original intention was a Trilogy of films. We’re waaaay overdue for more Serenity!

  16. What about The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo sequel?

  17. My first thought is that this list was a joke. Of your list, Gremlins had a sequel…and it was boring. Jumanji…maybe, but I think that they kind of tried that with Zathura…and it was as bad as Gremlins 2.

    The rest of your list, I want my money and time back that I wasted watching them. All would be on my list of movies that should never have been made.

  18. I stopped taking this article seriously when you suggested Daredevil was a good movie.

    • He *didn’t* suggest it was a good movie.

      He suggested it deserved a reboot (especially now that Marvel/Disney has the rights to the character again).

  19. a sequel to dances with wolves. the ending left you hanging as they ride off in the snow.

  20. The Rundown needed a sequel, based on great chemistry between the characters and tongue-in-cheek, over-the-top action.

  21. I would love to see a Spawn reboot! I would love to see it done like the cartoon series that was done on HBO! But, sticking more to the comic books!

  22. Hellboy III and the next John Carter movie would be on my list, and I too would love to see a Constantine and Daredevil sequel.

  23. Not sure if this was brought up, but there’s an error in the article. In “The Goonies” Mikey’s first kiss was with Andie, not Stef. (Andie thought he was Brandon at the time). Stef kissed Mouth.

  24. i would love these movies to be made: beetlejiice, they live, fredy vs jason_2 and a Back to the Future reboot {a sode-story or maybe a fusion of all three bttf plus some new material)

  25. with the exception Goonies, none of these are sequel ideas that any person gives a crap about