Looking for that perfect costume to wear this Halloween? Well, let the rest of your friends buy pre-made outfits based on iconic movie characters. Ghostface and Jack Sparrow have been worn to death – it’s time for something original! We’ve got 10 characters worth dressing like this Halloween from movies released this year. You want to keep up with the times, don’t you? This way, you can be on the cutting edge of what’s cool in movies – instead of wearing a costume that was cool five years ago.

It should be noted that our list started as more than 10 costumes, but we narrowed it down to our favorites. On the original list were ideas like the pink bridesmaid’s dress from Bridesmaids and the cowboy outfit from Rango. One costume that didn’t make the cut because the movie isn’t out yet is simple: wrap broken mini liquor bottles around your knuckles like Liam Neeson in The Grey.

Hopefully you’ll agree the following list is much better, but surely we’ll forget a costume or two – so feel free to share other ideas in the comments section. Keep in mind these are original ideas, unavailable at your local costume stores that moved in when Blockbuster and Borders left town.

Without further ado, check out our 10 highly recommended original costume ideas which will prove just how much of a movie buff you truly are.

In no particular order, let’s get started…

Bonus Pick: Lisbeth Salander, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

Lisbeth Salander Halloween 10 Unique Halloween Costumes   Based On 2011 Movies

This one is for the ladies!

There are very few options for original female movie costumes based on 2011 films.  But one costume that qualifies is Lisbeth Salander’s goth get-up. The men should appreciate this one as well, since it is still light on the garment and heavy on the sex appeal. And if the lady wearing the outfit embraces Salander’s sexual prowess, there won’t be a disappointed Halloweener in sight.

This costume is actually pretty easy to pull off as far as clothing goes. Basically, less is more. Keep it all black and try to add as many facial piercings and spiked collars and bracelets as you can. The hard part is getting the hair right. You’ll have two choices here: You can either go with the weird half-cut, half-long look or the crazy mohawk (both are pictured above). Either way, if you want to truly become Lisbeth Salander this Halloween, we recommend you do so as far away from parole officers as possible.

Driver, Drive

Ryan Gosling outfit in Drive 570x858 10 Unique Halloween Costumes   Based On 2011 Movies

Somebody has actually already made the “official jacket,” but it isn’t available for purchase until well after Halloween. So, you’ll just have to make your own version of Driver’s outfit, which continues to be a discussion point in movie pop culture. Gosling’s jacket is with him at all times, whether he is staring deeply into the eyes of a beautiful woman or stomping a bad guy’s head into mush. One note we took from the film is that the jacket does not repel blood very well (sadly).

But there is more to the costume than the jacket (which you can custom make yourself if you’re handy with a sewing machine). All you need to do is buy a shiny, white jacket and draw or stitch a yellow scorpion on the back. But the costume is only complete once you add a hammer, driving gloves, tight pants and slick boots. A toothpick would make for a nice touch to finish it off. This is a costume that won’t be confused with anything else this Halloween and you can be sure there will be people dressing like Gosling in the film, but it won’t be as overdone as girls with slutty nurse outfits.

The Adjustment Team, The Adjustment Bureau

 10 Unique Halloween Costumes   Based On 2011 Movies

Hats are normal. But a hat with a story is much more than that. You can’t just go around wearing a Cardinals hat and call yourself Albert Pujols for Halloween. But any movie fan should make the immediate connection to The Adjustment Bureau if you walk into a room wearing a gray-toned suit and a short-brim fedora. The look was embedded into our collective consciousness with the film – and while it was not a cultural icon just via the film, a connection is inevitable.

In order to complete the costume, you’ll need a pinstripe white shirt with a dark tie and a gray suit. The Terence Stamp scarf is optional. If you really want to sell the costume, walk into a door and find a way to disappear. That will really make it a Halloween worth remembering for your audience. Although that could be taken the wrong way if they don’t understand the film.

Walter Black, The Beaver

 10 Unique Halloween Costumes   Based On 2011 Movies

Jodie Foster’s film was relatively low-profile, earning only $6.3 million on a $21 million budget. It may have made more money if it sold the beaver as a toy. Money aside, there is no question the Australian puppet serves as the driving force of a film that is at times comedic and other times heartbreaking. But the beaver itself is, by its nature, a costume. And it doesn’t take much to play Walter Black and beaver for Halloween. Will everyone get it? Probably not. But you can enjoy trying out your Australian accent for a change.

The hard part of this costume is that you’ll probably have to make it yourself. Of course, there are options at online stores, but if you want it identical to the film’s beaver, you should make it yourself with brown cotton if you can find some. Thankfully, emotional instability is not available for purchase.

Patient Zero, Contagion

Contagion costumes 10 Unique Halloween Costumes   Based On 2011 Movies

Steven Soderbergh’s Contagion made us even more uncomfortable with our surroundings and challenged audiences to take more care in their everyday activities. There’s no getting around it, bacteria is everywhere. But you can prevent yourself from contacting airborne diseases with a simple face mask. If you really want to get creative here, you can make the full-body suit that Jude Law wears, but that seems highly difficult to make. Instead, keep it simple and just let those around know you’re dressing up the part of Contagion.

All you really need for the role is a face mask. You can get it at any store. The way to make the movie connection is apply some makeup to appear sick. If you are going all out, use plastic bags to create the biohazard suit worn by Jude Law above (LEGAL: We do NOT advice putting a plastic bag over your head).

Justin Bieber, Justin Bieber: Never Say Never

Justin Bieber Never Say Never 3D Movie 10 Unique Halloween Costumes   Based On 2011 Movies

If you want to get a good laugh you can dress up like a teen idol Justin Bieber. Kids love him and adults love to poke fun at him. Either way, he’s everywhere. Hopefully your friends will get a kick out of your patronizing costume that does, in fact, have a connection to movies this year. Your edge can be to replace his trademark sunglasses with 3D glasses to suggest you went to his 3D concert movie.

The photograph above shows Bieber in a red outfit, but his wide array of looks are all available as a costume idea. In order to dress as the most recognizable Bieber, you’ll need a purple hoodie and a white jacket. For added effect, get a wireless headset and 3D glasses. The more purple you can find, the better. Those high-top sneakers and tight jeans will be important too. But the real key to this costume is the flippy hair. Grab a wig from a nearby store, or grow it out yourself. You really need to commit to this one and flip your hair every few minutes.

Ah, but don’t bail on us just because we suggested Bieber-fever – we’ve got another 5 ideas for you on the next page!

Bobby Pellitt, Horrible Bosses

 10 Unique Halloween Costumes   Based On 2011 Movies

Arguably the funniest character in Horrible Bosses and of Colin Farrell’s career is Bobby Pellitt. As the cocaine-addicted, greedy de facto boss of a chemical company, he is nasty and disgusting. But that’s the beauty of the character. If anybody was built to be mimicked on Halloween, it’s this guy. He may seem normal on paper, but a closer look proves him a hilarious outfit.

The red button-down has a giant snake on the back, sewn into the fabric. It’s hard to find a clear photo of it, but if you can, give it the best re-creation you can. The kicker of this outfit is the hair, though. Get yourself a comb-over wig and wear it like you mean it. A gold, class-ring will be a nice subtle touch to the overall character, but if you want to get detailed spread some flour on your nose and mouth to suggest the cocaine problem. If you want to go tandem, you can ask your female friends to wear underwear and keep them under your arms all night.

Gnomeo, Gnomeo & Juliet

Gnomeo of Gnomeo and Juliet outfit 10 Unique Halloween Costumes   Based On 2011 Movies

This costume can be achieved with a couple of unrelated items. The animated tale kept the hero’s outfit simple, but it’s an iconic look that many will recognize. After all, gnomes have become increasingly popular in commercials and now, movies.

To play the part of Gnomeo, you’ll need to start with a blue dunce cap. A witch or wizard cap will do, but make sure it is plain and blue. A blue vest and white undershirt make the upper body simple, but the boots are necessary to complete the lower half. Other than the blue cap, you’ll definitely need a brown belt with a ‘G’ buckle. These should be easy to find with the right effort.

Any character, Final Destination 5

final destination 5 poster 1 10 Unique Halloween Costumes   Based On 2011 Movies

In order to refrain from spoilers, no characters will be shown.

It’s become standard for most characters in Final Destination films to get impaled by something. Why not carry this tradition on to real life with a clever, movie-related Halloween costume? It’s a pretty easy one, actually. All you need is some body paste and any assortment of objects. Just be careful. We don’t want you to hurt yourself, so if you want it to look super realistic, spend a little arts and crafts time painting styrofoam objects to look metallic.

Any object or shape works, as long as it looks like it is going straight through you. But Final Destination 5 was a 3D movie, so we suggest letting your impaled objects push outward towards those in front of you.

Hobo, Hobo with a Shotgun

hobo with a shotgun 4 10 Unique Halloween Costumes   Based On 2011 Movies

This one may seem like an easy costume, but it’s not. You aren’t going to be dressing like any old homeless man. This one is a little more specific. Make sure you can get a shopping cart to put a black plastic bag full of body parts in – that may not be a direct reference, but it plays the character well. But the real key here is to make a rubber manhole cover and put it around your neck. Add a (fake) shotgun and you are now Hobo with a Shotgun. A plaid shirt and tattered hoodie will make this a truly complete costume.

Other characters in the film can make for great costumes as well. Duct tape underwear makes for the most hilarious costume that nobody even needs to have seen the film to enjoy. If the entire hobo outfit is too much, you can just wear a fake manhole cover around your neck. You can also slick your hair back, wear some black sunglasses and a white/black letterman jacket to play those mischievous brothers.

The Crimson Bolt, Super

 10 Unique Halloween Costumes   Based On 2011 Movies

Rainn Wilson strapped on the homemade red outfit and tried his hand at being a superhero without powers in this low-profile film. Whether your friends know the movie or not, this is definitely going to get some attention. The outfit is silly and sloppy, but that’s the beauty of it. With a little effort, you can make one for yourself, too.

What you’ll need is a lot of red material. A long-sleeve red shirt and red pants will be good enough if you can find red pads for your shoulders, elbows and knees. Be sure to create a utility belt with a number of pockets for your belongings. The key to the costume, though is the logo on the front. He made it with paper, so you should have no problems. Just get some yellow paper and scissors and you’ll be good to go. Bring a giant wrench for added effect.

Many of these costumes will require a lot of effort on your part, but if you want to be original, that’s the cost. It’s too easy to buy a pre-made costume at a Halloween shop, so why not put the extra effort in this year and impress your buddies? If you want to get a jump start on the inevitable Bane costumes that will litter 2012’s Halloween, we will understand.

Feel free to add more costumes in the comment section below, or tell us what you’ll be dressing up as this year.