10 badass bunnies 10 Badass Rabbits (That Arent the Easter Bunny)

Santa Claus has a pretty tough job – travelling the globe using nothing but the power of reindeer in his quest to deliver every child a Christmas gift. The Tooth Fairy has it just as rough – sneaking into children’s bedrooms in the middle of the night, swapping his cash for their discarded molars.

The Easter Bunny? The only task he’s required to complete is painting a few eggs and hiding them in the place of his choosing – quite a cushy job when you think about it. He makes all rabbits seem like they are strictly innocent, sweet and cuddly – when the truth is, there are plenty of badass rabbits out there.

So, we’ve gathered ten of our favorite badass hares that you definitely won’t see hopping around the yard hiding eggs.

mr floppy happily ever after 10 Badass Rabbits (That Arent the Easter Bunny)

Mr. Floppy has several bad-ass qualifications: he drinks, he smokes, he cusses, he’s lewd and he’s the figment of Jack Malloy’s schizophrenic imagination.

He almost always has a cynical opinion on every topic and says whatever is on his mind – pulling no punches in the process.

He also has a huge crush on Drew Barrymore – proving he obviously has good taste in women.

frank donnie darko 10 Badass Rabbits (That Arent the Easter Bunny)

Just because Frank is a man in a bunny suit – a grotesque, misshapen, evil-looking bunny suit –  doesn’t make him any less of a bad-ass. Besides having the ability to predict the future, Frank can also show up at any random location of his choosing, at anytime of his choosing.

Without Frank, Donnie Darko would have never known the world was going to end in 28 days, 6 hours, 42 minutes and 12 seconds.

If Frank chooses to show up in your bedroom one night and share with you his apocalyptic prophecies, we highly recommend listening to him.

boingo hoodwinked 10 Badass Rabbits (That Arent the Easter Bunny)

Boingo is a master manipulator, a cunning long-term planner and an all-around true evil genius. He went undercover for months to help fiance his master plan of destroying the forest.

He even had a special drug named after him – Boingonium – that he added to his snacks, making the world’s population addicted to them, which made them want to buy more snacks.

This rabbit may appear cute and cuddly at first, but don’t let that fool you – he has an army of evil henchmen to do his bidding and a brilliant, diabolical mind.

rabbit from a hat twilight zone the movie 10 Badass Rabbits (That Arent the Easter Bunny)

This devil rabbit would scare any magician with its big toothy grin, soulless eyes, and loose leathery skin – but that’s just part of what makes it a bad-ass.

This demon hare can squash himself into a top hat where he waits to be conjured up by Anthony (an eleven year old boy with omnipotent powers of the mind). Uncle Walt and everyone else should think twice about trying to pull this nightmarish creature from its hellish abode.

With those enormous incisors it is almost daring for you to call it a buck-tooth bunny – which we wouldn’t suggest.

rabbit winnie the pooh 10 Badass Rabbits (That Arent the Easter Bunny)

What Makes Him a Bad-ass:

There may be some skepticism regarding the inclusion of Rabbit, Winnie the Pooh’s long time friend in the Hundred Acre Woods, but he is every bit a bad-ass as these others – possibly more.

Not only can Rabbit walk and talk but he can keep a tidy house, a well kept yard, looks out for each of his friends and most importantly, maintains a garden to grow his own food!

While other rabbits are stealing food from farmers, Rabbit is completely self-sufficient growing his own radishes, cabbages and carrots. If you’ve ever tried to grow your own food you can understand how truly impressive this feat is.

the dead rabbits gangs of new york 10 Badass Rabbits (That Arent the Easter Bunny)

What Makes Them Bad-ass:

During the mid-1800s in the Five Points district of Lower Manhattan in New York City the Irish gang “The Dead Rabbits” twice fought the brutal gang known as “The Natives”.

They lost their leader, Priest Vallon, in their first skirmish but during their second encounter Vallon’s son, Amsterdam, fought and killed “The Natives” vicious leader Bill “The Butcher” Cutting in the streets during a riot.

Brandishing rusty axes, knives, and sickles and willing to fight to the death “The Dead Rabbits” are truly a group of bad-asses that no one should want to cross.

domestic rabbit night of the lepus 10 Badass Rabbits (That Arent the Easter Bunny)

What Makes Them Bad-ass:

These enormous beasts began as sweet, cuddly, normal-sized rabbits but after being injected with a man-made serum designed to help control their population, they turned deadly and carnivorous.

What started off as one or two bunnies soon turned into a monumental colony that ravaged the Arizona countryside killing everyone and everything in its path.

So, if you’re ever in the desert and see a rabbit the size of a Hummer hopping your direction with blood dripping from its lips, you might consider fleeing in the opposite direction or you’ll be in for a “hare” raising experience. Don’t groan – you knew that joke was coming eventually.

were rabbit wallace gromit curse of the were rabbit 10 Badass Rabbits (That Arent the Easter Bunny)

What Makes Him a Bad-ass:

The sweet, but absent minded, inventor Wallace devised a contraption that brainwashes rabbits into no longer craving vegetables. During his attempt to neutralize the rabbit menace in a humanitarian way, his brain gets scrambled with one of the aforementioned pesky hares.

A side effect of the procedure is that he becomes a large, hulking were-rabbit during every full moon. In his were-rabbit state Wallace has the strength of a hundred men, a penchant for destruction and a ravenous appetite (for produce). The only thing that can stop his rampage is to be shot by a golden bullet – or a golden carrot if happens to be laying around.

rabbit of caerbannog monty python and the holy grail 10 Badass Rabbits (That Arent the Easter Bunny)

What Makes It a Bad-ass:

Stories from the Medieval Ages are full of dangerous monsters such as trolls, dragons, elves, witches, and giants. However, all of them cower in fear to the blood thirsty Rabbit of Caerbannog!

It may look sweet and cuddly sitting outside its cave innocently twitching its cute bunny nose but don’t be fooled. This dangerous Hare of Destruction has made its bed with the bones of brave but foolish knights and feasted on their innards.

With its beautiful white fur stained red by the blood of its victims, the Rabbit of Caerbannog is not something to be trifled with and has sent many groups of knights fleeing in fear screaming, “RUN AWAY! RUN AWAY!”

roger rabbit who framed roger rabbit 10 Badass Rabbits (That Arent the Easter Bunny)

What Makes Him a Bad-ass:

Roger Rabbit may not be people’s first choice when they think of a bad-ass rabbit but believe it or not, he is the quintessential definition of a bad-ass.

First, he is a cartoon who can live in both the animated and human world, which gives him the ability to expand his body to great extremes, survive being shot, run fast, and jump high.

Second, he was the sole person of interest in a Toon Town murder investigation, which gives him lots of street cred.

Third, and most importantly, he is married to Jessica Rabbit – case closed.

Image Credit – lizzy1e

happy easter taylor lautner 10 Badass Rabbits (That Arent the Easter Bunny)

There are plenty of other Chuck Norris-type bad-ass rabbits out there but these were our choices. What are some of your favorites?

Image Credit – TwilightGuide.com